Nympsfield Parish Council Stroud Gloucestershire

About the Parish Council 

For Nympsfield Parish Council to be a successful team councillors acknowledge that the key to that success is via communicating and engaging with residents effectively to earn a good reputation and maintain the goodwill of the community. The council want to keep you informed about its services and what they stand for in order to build trust in the community and to give residents the confidence that councillors are making well informed decisions. The council uses a variety of communication channels in order to share information including the village newsletter, this website, door drops, and questionnaires. The Councillors place themselves at the heart of their community and its activities in order to engage with residents and find out what it is that they want, not what they think you want. Although they are elected to make decisions on your behalf, they want those decisions to be informed by your views and are always willing to listen.

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